Cannabis Buyout Frenzy Has Begun (These Stocks Are Next)

Just a few years ago, I visited a cannabis company called Canopy Growth…

I met the CEO and toured the growing facility.

I was so impressed, I told the investors who follow my work to buy as many shares as they could.

We bought in at $1.60.

And then sure enough, the stock took off just a few weeks later, sailing past $10… and then past $20…

But the biggest moment in this stock’s history came with a buyout announcement.

Canopy Growth announced it was selling 38% of its stock to Constellation Brands (the owner of Corona and Heineken) for a record-setting $5 billion.

The stock instantly took off, soaring above $50 a share! We sold for a 3,220% profit.

But the days of big wins in the cannabis industry are really just beginning… and I’m about to do it again.

I’ve found five cannabis stocks that are growing like weeds. 

Let me show you why these five cannabis stocks could make you 1,000% or more in the weeks ahead.
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